Biocharm™ “Pre-charged” Biochar Soil Amendment

Grown in Biocharm

Permanently improve your soil
Apply Biocharm™ to invest in your garden and our planet

Good for your earth(TM)Biocharm™ is a soil amendment containing biochar, a charcoal-like substance that has been scientifically proven to improve plant growth and yield.

  • Great for vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, and potted plants
  • Builds nutrients in the soil for more productivity with less fertilizer
  • Permanently improves soil’s nutrient holding capacity
  • Binds toxins in soil to help protect your plants and your family
  • Increases plant resistance to disease
  • Increases water retention in dry soil
  • Sequesters carbon to help protect the planet

What is biochar?

Biochar is composed largely of carbon made from wood chips and recycled agricultural products. When mixed into garden soil, biochar works much like compost, promoting fertility by retaining minerals that help plants flourish. Whereas the carbon in compost lasts for only a few years, biochar’s carbon remains in the soil for centuries, continuing to provide those beneficial nutrients to plants. With sufficient biochar, regular composting or adding fertilizers is no longer necessary.

Biochar is not new technology. In fact, it was discovered in deposits of fertile soils in the Amazon Basin, from centuries ago. Pre-Columbian people accomplished what modern soil scientists could not by transforming weak Amazonian soils into vigorous “terra preta.” They tilled char into the soil and that char retained nutrients and helped beneficial microorganisms grow in its porous structure. The remarkable story of the rediscovery of terra preta has been recently featured in nearly every major scientific journal, including National Geographic, Nature, Scientific American and Discover.

Biocharm™ biochar is “pre-charged” to start helping your garden today and is formulated to increase surface area and ease distribution in soil. The biochar in Biocharm™ enables your garden to sequester as much carbon per square foot as a mature tropical rain forest! Sequestering carbon with biochar is a powerful way for each of us to fight global warming at home.

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